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"Homeopathy has cured my migraines! No doctor or drug has been able to do this for me in the past"

Marie M, Toronto
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Homeopathic for PMS.
A Natural Alternative to Painkillers

Do you look forward to your menstrual period as a positive experience, or dread this time of month and find it a major inconvenience? In a balanced physical and emotional state, as nature intended, women can feel content and symptom-free all month; and can even experience increased energy, creativity, and intuition around their menses.



Homeopathy is a 200+ year old medical science that works by stimulating the body’s natural tendency to heal itself. Founded by the German Physician Samual Hahnemann (1755-1843) Homeopathy is based on the principle of similars, also known as ‘like cures like’.

This principle states that if a substance can promote symptoms in a healthy person, it can also heal the same in the sick, when administered in infinitesimal doses.



Homeopathic remedies are made from elements found in nature; plant extracts, minerals and animal products. These natural elements are then prepared in a special way that renders them safe and effective.

There is a very distinct process for making homeopathic remedies. When making a homeopathic remedy the natural substance is dissolved in a mixture of alcohol and distilled water. This mixture is set aside for a period of time..."

Winner - 2012 Best
of Canada Awards

The People's Choice for the natural health industry.

Winner: Homeopathic Doctor or Clinic Winner! 2012 Best of Canada natural health awards