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In conjunction with Classical Homeopath, I use an incredible tool called the Quantum Biofeedback. The client is connected to a computer device, via straps around the ankles, wrists and forehead, which conducts a series of tests and provides valuable information about their health. The client can also be electrically/energetically re-balanced using this device.

What is Biofeedback?

Simply explained, Biofeedback is a technique which takes a measurement of the body and provides a result. A scale can be regarded as a biofeedback device that measures weight, and a thermometer – body temperature.

Biofeedback can measure factors such as the voltage of the firing brain cells, the amperage of the heart muscle contractions, the voltage of the muscles and the resistance to the flow of electricity of the skin. It can measure the oscillations of these factors as seen by the EEG (electroencephalogram) ECG (electrocardiogram) EMG (electromyogram) and the GSR (Galvanic Skin Response). The Quantum Biofeedback is based on the same technologies that brought us the CAT Scan, MRI, Ultra-sound, and many other sophisticated medical technologies.

The information measured with a biofeedback is communicated to the client, informing them of various physiological parameters and stress responses within the body, and educating them about their nutritional deficiencies, organ and system imbalances and other important health indicators.

The Biofeedback test categories include:

  • Nutritional Deficiencies
  • Hormonal Imbalances
  • Allergies and sensitivities
  • Parasites, fungi and other toxicities
  • Emotional states
  • Organ and system stressors and risk profile
  • Subconscious belief patterns
  • Childhood or other traumas in cell memory
  • Compatibility to supplements, herbs, foods, drugs, remedies, and more

The Quantum Biofeedback is a balancing tool. It uses various applications to rebalance and de-stress the body. The body knows how to heal itself. The process of biofeedback is not to heal – but to help the body remember the balanced and stress-free state. When the body is entrained to the healthier patterns of a relaxed state, the process of self-regeneration and healing happens naturally.

The Biofeedback electrical balancing therapies included:

  • Acupuncture
  • Spinal adjustment
  • Craniosacral therapy
  • Iridology
  • Pain management
  • Allergy Desensitization
  • Homeopathic, Chinese and Ayurvedic medicines
  • Dental and TMJ
  • NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming)
  • Anti-Aging therapies
  • Colour and Music therapies
  • Chakra and meridian balancing and much more…

Benefits of Biofeedback

Everyone can benefit from biofeedback. Most people report biofeedback sessions to be relaxing and grounding. Others leave feeling less pain and happier overall. In addition people gain valuable information on their nutritional deficiencies, imbalances and how they can take charge of their health.

For a first-hand experience with the Quantum Biofeedback, book your free no-obligation session now.  click here

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Tamara Der-Ohanian, DSHM, is a Homeopathic Physician practicing in Toronto. She can be reached at (416) 385-1001, or visit her web site at www.tamarader-ohanian.com

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