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“My grandmother had become very quiet over the past several years and was not engaged in conversations in the very active manner that she used to be. When we took her for her homeopathic treatment she was in a very confused state. My mother obtained her complete medical history and assisted her through the questionnaire and evaluation process as my grandmother at the time was not able to recall many specifics or understand some of the questions. Through the process, she was not clearly aware of what the treatment was for or where she was, and therefore had no bias towards “the placebo affect” as other comments and the program have pointed to.

The change in my grandmother was great. She became highly interactive and present of mind in a similar state as she was 20 years earlier. This change was so profound and her awareness so great after a relatively short period of treatment, she made the statement “I can’t believe how confused I was. I have been in a very dark place for a long time. My grandmother has returned to my family and homeopathy was the treatment that accomplished this.”


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Tamara Der-Ohanian, DSHM, is a Homeopathic Physician practicing in Toronto. She can be reached at (416) 385-1001, or visit her web site at www.tamarader-ohanian.com

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