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“I am convinced that the remedies given to me by Tamara are directly attributable to my not requiring any anti-depressants”.

Donna McMillan, Independent Consultant


“I was deeply depressed and felt hopeless when I came to see Tamara one year ago. I suffered from anxiety, had endometriosis, menstrual problems and a cyst on my right ovary. After only a few months of homeopathic treatment, the improvement of my health was noticeable. I felt more energetic, had a more positive mental attitude, I started to sleep better and the cyst disappeared. I am still working on the endometriosis and I am confident it will be healed one day. Thank you GOD for giving me Tamara!”

Daniela Pantilimon, Health Care Worker


“Tamara Der-Ohanian is a pleasure to work with. Since October 2003, Tamara has treated me for PMS. My partner and I are thrilled with the results so far. Prior to seeing Tamara for homeopathic treatments, I was having: depression, mood swings, lack of concentration and energy, nightmares, headaches, spotting, painful periods, lack of confidence, irritability and crankiness. Now I’m accomplishing more than I ever did before and I finally had the physical strength and confidence to start a professional group in my industry! Tamara was also quite receptive to meeting with my partner (who was also suffering with my PMS) and he had the opportunity to tell her what he had seen in my recovery and what he felt I was still going through. While there has been some up and downs during treatment (I have been told that’s normal), I started to feel more physically balanced about 3 months after taking the prescribed remedies. I anticipate that I will be better than I have ever been in about a month or two. Thank you Tamara!”

Abella, Psychic Tarot Consultant


“Having suffered for many years from low-grade depression, I had succumbed to the concept that this would be part of my life forever. I had been on anti-depressants and other medication with short-term results and no long-lasting relief.

A homeopathic consult was suggested. Being a skeptic and having already gone through several so-called help, I balked, however at the time, the depression had a hold of me and I was desperate for ‘something’.

After a detailed and in-depth consultation and being given my ‘remedy’, I felt a change within a few days. Daily, I felt better, more motivated, energized and much more balanced.

I take my remedy only periodically now and have not taken any anti-depressants or other mind-altering substances of any kind for almost 20 years. I don’t need to.

I have good days and bad days as we all do. However, by taking my remedy, I’ve been able to remain balanced and hopeful throughout.

I have since recommended several friends and colleagues to my homeopath and the results have been outstanding. We can’t all be wrong!”


With the help of Tamara Der Ohanian, Homeopath, I was able to save my marriage. My husband and I had major drawbacks; financial, loss of trust, as a result even love. Both of us went astray spiritually, allowing our negative emotions to rule our lives, to the point it almost ruined us physically. I went into a deep depression, and my husband had a heart attack.

Tamara came into our lives with her illuminating positive energy, and aligned both of us with respective Homeopathic remedies.

The treatment didn’t work overnight, but as it progressed, we began thinking more positively and both had the strength to choose the positive over negative outcome. I am noticing that we are concentrating on our encouraging behaviour, versus criticizing one another, and the more we concentrate on the encouraging behaviour, the more it comes naturally. Now we don’t have to put an effort into our constructive thinking, it comes naturally.

Our Girls are happier; we are a united team again.

Tamara, my whole family thanks you.

Name withheld by request


“Before homeopathic treatment my 15 year old daughter was extremely shy and introverted. She lacked self-confidence, was depressed and had sleepless nights. She was also frightened about school. To compound the problem she suffered from epilepsy-like seizures approximately once every two weeks. While she was not diagnosed with epilepsy, she would fall to the floor and shake uncontrollably from 30 seconds to 1 minute. After receiving a few treatments my daughter became more confident, independent, her grades improved, and her seizures are much less frequent, less intense and last half as long. Her attitude about school is such that she now has regular communications with the principal. I am confident that with continued homeopathic treatments, my daughter’s health will further improve”.

Joyce Pickersgill, Office Manager

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Tamara Der-Ohanian, DSHM, is a Homeopathic Physician practicing in Toronto. She can be reached at (416) 385-1001, or visit her web site at www.tamarader-ohanian.com

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