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“I was on Hormone Replacement Therapy for 5 years when I first saw Tamara. I was going through menopause and had all the classic symptoms, including depression. Within days of taking the homeopathic remedy, I felt more energetic and had a more positive mental attitude. I stopped the hormone replacement right away. I have now been off of it for 2 years and feeling great! In addition I was impressed with the way Tamara followed up and guided me through each step of the healing process.”

Judy Hoff, Dance Instructor


“When I think about where I was when I started Homeopathy and where I am now in my state of health I could shout your praises to the world. All my menopausal symptoms: hot flashes, low energy, sleepless nights, fatigue, body aches started disappearing from day one! I am so grateful for the remedies, and for your expertise and availability you have no idea. I feel better and better all the time and I know I will continue to improve under your advisement.

I have been sending you clients and they too are very pleased. It puzzles us as to why everyone isn’t under homeopathic care. If it were up to me they would be. It’s not just homeopathy alone, it’s your knowledge and perception into the health issues that are the perfect combination.

I could thank you forever and I don’t feel it could ever be enough. Not only do I feel so well, David is making wonderful advances in his mental and physical health. His remedy keeps his even tempered personality happy and lively. I have to say it makes a good marriage even better as when two people are experiencing optimum health, wow what a great combination.

My prayer is that you become as huge a name in wellness as you are in our lives.

Thank you Tamara, May God Bless You!!”

Maxine & David Warsh

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Tamara Der-Ohanian, DSHM, is a Homeopathic Physician practicing in Toronto. She can be reached at (416) 385-1001, or visit her web site at www.tamarader-ohanian.com

Winner! 2012 Best of Canada natural health awards